The Paradise Between us vol. 2

Victoria Grin, Wilson Diaz, Colin Raynal, Edinson Quinonez, Luciana Ponte, Gregory Sugnaux, Carlos Andrade, Jorge Raka, Julio Giraldo, Vincent Locatelli, Edgar Jimenez et le Collectif « Dans Mon Tilleul »

Ouverture le vendredi 3 juin à 18h30

Are you in a doll and boring world?

Is there a general lack of attractions?

Make your own space a espace of infinity magical places

Tha make yourlife less awful.

The Paradise Between us vol. 2 It emerges under the idea of binding together generacional encounters between the settled down artists and those with an emerging career. Dialogues will be enhacend in order to put into consideration the diversity of the dynamics in the prodution and the art circulation providing an interpretative cohesion to the discourse. The discourses generated in both countries that could return the density and complexity of the artists.

The firts version of the proyect the paradise between us vol.2 was carried out thanks to a scholarship conveyed by the Ministerio de Cultura (Colombia) to the artist Ana Maria Rosero in 2014. The exhibition was presented at El Parche Artist Residency in Bogotá, where the different latinoamerican artists participated.

The title shows the mutual learning place where the different voices, stages, views and complexities combine, restoring a set of local and global stories which are relevant to reconsider the present, relating these to nwe ideas giving light about the contemporany practice.

We believe that wrking in a collective has something more intense think about contemporany art not as an individual experience but in group.

The porpuse of this second version is to question the local perspetive and invigorate the relationship in the city of Sierre (ch), an exrcise thet merely intends to study what to do with the local and international artistic scene, establishing a group of questions, and in what ways could these experiences make us reorganize how we think about ourselves.

For this second version Espacio MAXXX and the proyect Sin Espacio there have been invited the artist that will take part in this secondn version The Paradise Between us vol. 2: Carlos Andrade, Colin Raynal, Edison Quiñones, Gregory Sugnaux, Jorge Raka, Victoria Grin, Wilson Díaz, Luciana Ponte y Vicent Locatelli. Musicians invited: Collectif “Dans mon tilleul, il a un jardín” and Anyna NoDjset.

Sometimes things do not reolt to be easy, sometimes dull or boring. I think about doing as a practice for not making our life so angushing. An action that stands in for our life so angushing. An action that stands in for the next, things or ideas that take us another: a trip, a song, an image, the construction of something that, more than bringing an insight about a special theme, provoques and immediate reation in the viewer. A smile or an outright denial about what he sees. The theme as a pretext to do.